Why students quit flying

There are many reasons why students quit flying, while sometimes there is nothing that can be done other times the student can be talked through the issues they are going through.

Coming into land

  1. Money – Flying is very expensive and it is a lot of money going out, especially when you are still training. There is not a lot anyone can do if you can no longer afford to fly as nobody is going to let you up there for free. Situations change and if you need money flying will be one of the first things to go.
  2. Lack of confidence – If a student feels like they are not making progress or is struggling with parts of his training they might just pack it in.
    I remember early on in my training I felt like I was never going to be able to set the attitude and trim the plane correctly. This was a huge concern for me at the time, but looking back now I am thinking, what on earth was I worrying about!
    The same went with the flare on landing, I felt like I was never going to get that right. Once again, now I look back I see how ridiculous it was of me to think I will be doing perfect landings after 1-2 hours!
    Sometimes all it takes is a good sit down and a chat through the issues to reassure the student before they get to the point where they feel they want to quit.
    Maybe the student let’s the fear of something going wrong get to them.
  3. Lost interest (motivation)- The student has other interests in their life or something new they want to pursue. Flying gets put onto the back burner while they focus on what is now most interesting to them.
  4. Issues with the instructor – The student / instructor relationship just isn’t working out and the student doesn’t want to spend more time with their instructor.
    Now some students may just switch instructors (or school) but others may actually decide that they no longer want to fly at all.
  5. External pressures – Maybe the student loves to fly, however their partner may be scared stiff of the thought of them being in the air. They could be concerned about what will happen should the worst happen.
    A student may be facing these external pressures to quit their passion for aviation.

There are lots of reasons why students quit flying, some are preventable some are not, these are just a few examples.

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