CPL ME IR: Week 11

CPL ME IR: Week 11

Not much to say as I was away for most of it, but this is the update from CPL ME IR: Week 11.


So I was back in the UK for a week as my instructor was going to be away and the twins were all in maintenance.
It was probably a good thing I returned home as the other students did not manage much if any flying in the time I was away.
It was nice to have a break and while back home I finished the last few hours I needed for hour building. I think in total it was about 4.5 hours but I did not go anywhere fancy just to Fenland and Turweston and the rest of the time was spent flying around the local area.
I returned to Lodz yesterday and did an IR flight which consisted of VOR approaches and there was also some engine failures that I feel went quite well. We also did some partial panel work, so it was a reasonably busy flight.
I think I have now completed 7.4 hours of the IR, so the time really is going quite fast. The weather for the upcoming week is a bit hit or miss so I am not sure how much flying I will do, but ideally, I would like to be almost finished by the end of this week.
Hopefully, I do not have much longer left before a skills test and I can return back home.

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6 thoughts on “CPL ME IR: Week 11”

  1. That’s cool man, good to see you are progressing. One question though. Will you have only one skills test for all ratings, CPL ME IR? Or one for each?

    • If will be a combined skills test but the UK CAA doesn’t allow one 4 hour test like other caa’s so it will probably be split into a CPL / ME test and a separate IR test the following day.

    • Hey Dave I am stuck between CRM Europe and sky4u in Berlin. Also virtual for the APS is an option too. However I won’t have time to compete it until early next year most likely.

  2. Keelan, I believe sky4u have an APC course which could lead to a job with RYR. At least that is what they are saying on their website.

    • I have been looking at the sky4u course. To be honest I am leaning towards a standard MCC / JOC as Ryanair seem to be the only ones who are giving a weighting to it at the moment and even they are taking plenty of people with a standard MCC / JOC

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