CPR ME IR: Week 12

CPR ME IR: Week 12

Another busy week, so here is the recap of CPL ME IR: Week 12.

So this week has been very busy. I have completed the training for both the IR and the CPL complex.
For the CPL complex, we did a navigation flight and also practiced stalls and unusual attitudes. We then did a flight in the circuit and practicing maneuvers such as steep turns. We also did engine failures, short field landings etc.
For the IR we went down to Katowice and shot ILS approaches and also went to Warsaw Modlin and shot ILS and VOR approaches before coming back and shooting VOR approaches and a circle to land also.
The weather at the moment is dreadful and I was actually supposed to test this week but we will see what the weather does.
I am really getting desperate to go home, I never anticipated I would be here for so long on an 8-week course. However, saying that, I hope the end is in sight.
Just the small issue of some tests to pass first.

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