CPL ME IR: Week 4

CPL ME IR: Week 4

I can’t believe I have already been here a month, this is crazy. Here is the update of CPL ME IR: Week 4. P2006T I have made very good progress this week as I have completed my MEP training. We did 4 flights of around 1.5 hours each. There is a lot going on in a twin compared to the single engine Cessna that I am used to flying. On top of this there is just so much more going on with the glass cockpit. I had a very shouty but very good instructor for this. I am still getting used to the learning style of some instructors which seems to be shouting at you until you until you comply. It is a far cry from the instruction I have had so far in my flying career. We spent a bit of time in the circuit pattern, before practicing steep turns, stalls etc. Next up we went on to engine failures, how to identify, verify, feather and secure a dead engine. Next up was some go arounds, one engine go arounds, landing in different configurations etc. Finally we did a short navigation flight before he showed me the autopilot features of the aircraft. All in all it was a good week and I now start the CPL training next week. First up is the BIFM (Basic Instrument Flight Module). My instructor said he is pretty free all week so with a bit of luck hopefully we can complete it next week!
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