CPL ME IR: Week 5

CPL ME IR: Week 5

A recap of CPL ME IR: Week 5.

So this week I have started and almost completed my CPL. I believe I have 3 or so hours left to do. My instructor and I have flown everyday bar two, one where the weather was bad and the other which was his day off.
It is so nonstop at the moment that all the days are merging into one.  I really am struggling to work out what flight was what, but I will do my best.
The first 5 hours we did BIFM (Basic Instrument Flight Module). This involved learning to do STARS, SIDS, Practicing holding etc.
I must admit it was good to do, it feels like I am actually starting to become a “real” pilot now.
Next up I had one of the worst flights I have ever had. Every airport here has VFR reporting points and I learned what they were but I never actually had any visual representation of them, which of course made them hard to find.
I then followed this up with some of the worst landings I have ever executed at a different airport before returning. It was literally like I was a PPL student again! This was most certainly a flight to forget.
To take my mind off things a bit we then did a flight where we take the single engine Technam P2008 to FL100 (10,000ft).
It felt so strange being so high in a single engine aircraft, however it didn’t seem as high as it sounds. It was fun though considering most of my flight time is 3000-4000ft.
Today I was back to navigation and after my last flight, I was much better prepared. Thank you Google Maps!  I now had images of all the reporting points and believe it or not, it’s a lot easier to find something if you know what it looks like. Who would have guessed right?
We have about 3 hours of the CPL left to do but the SIM is looking very busy so I don’t know if I am going to be able to get into it next week, time will tell.
My instructor is so laid back and chill, which is just what I needed.
Tomorrow we head off to Warsaw International, this should be an amazing experience.

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2 thoughts on “CPL ME IR: Week 5”

  1. Hello Keenan I’ve been following your posts for a long time. I’m at the other end of the spectrum from you, working to fulfill a lifelong dream and get a PPL at the ripe old age of 69 – probably 70 by the time I get it. Right now I’m struggling to become consistent and accomplished at timing my ‘flair’ or ‘transition’, late enough to avoid floating down our short grass strip at 6 feet off the ground and triggering yet another go-around. Maybe I’m not seeing my height about the runway, particularly when having to learn to deal with crosswind at the same time….. I saw in your PPL posts that you appeared to have mastered landing very quickly, it wasn’t a big deal. So I’m intrigued as to what your recent bad landings were all about. What went wrong, and why / how? I’d be fascinated to learn some more through your experiences.

    • Hi Colin good job on going after that PPL! The thing recently is I just wasn’t thinking like I should be. In my opinion a good or bad landing is not made at the runway it is made at the approach.
      I was not set up correctly, following the path like I should and more importantly I was not looking down the end of the runway which is vital.
      Unfortunately landing is something that you just have to practice over and over until it clicks. You are not the first and you will not be the last. It will click though, just keep at it!
      How many hours have you been working on your landings?

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