CPL ME IR: Week 9

CPL ME IR: Week 9

It’s been a pretty busy week in the simulator, so here is a catch up of CPL ME IR: Week 9
P2006 Simulator

So I am glad to report that my simulator training is back on track and has taken a 180 in the right direction under a new instructor.
I would say the training is harder, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as quality instruction beats poor instruction every time.
On top of this, I have been working very hard in my time out of the simulator to improve. The biggest improvement has come from me bringing my flight simulator controller back from the UK. This helped me to get an understanding of what I am doing and also practice with the G1000 on Xplane 11.
We have switched from the Firebird to the Softek simulator pictured above.  This sim doesn’t have motion like the Firebird but it doesn’t really make much difference. The Softek also has improved visuals, but again that doesn’t really make a huge difference for IFR flight.
I have been in the sim all this week and after a few days getting back up to speed, I have made great progress with my last flight being the best one yet.
The simulator training is now almost complete with just a cross-country flight consisting of a SID, en route, STAR and approach left to do. This should hopefully be complete early next week leaving me to move forward onto the aircraft to finish of the final complex part of the course on the P2006T.
The two week delay between my simulator training ending and restarting was frustrating to say the least, but at least progress forward has now been made. I am now looking forward to moving on and finishing the course in the not so distant future.

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