PPL inital issue on hold

So today I got an email from the Caa stating that my PPL initial issue is on hold.


This is very frustrating for me because the two reasons that are given, neither  of them are my fault and on top of this they are basically putting my application  (which has already been three weeks) to the back to the queue.
The first issue is that even though a certified driving licence was sent as requested on their list, they want to see my passport. I wish they would have just asked for the passport only in the first place.
This is even more frustrating for me as I presented the ATO my passport but they decided to use the driving licence.
The second issue is that my ATO didn’t fill in the total time in the course completion certificate!
I now need to chase them on Monday to get this done and judging by how long it has taken, wait another 3 weeks.
So much for starting the ATPL this month 🙁
The CAA are so slow,  I replied to the email and was told I would get a reply in 18 working days which is a complete and utter joke really.
I don’t see why the doesn’t call the ATO and get the answer or ask them to email it over? They also have a copy of my passport on file so this could have been resolved with a simple phone call.
At least Euro 2016 is on this month,  maybe that will help me take my mind off this endless wait.

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2 Replies to “PPL inital issue on hold”

  1. Gutted to hear that for you, as somebody close to taking my skills test I can feel your pain – I’m already dreading the wait from sending the paperwork to receiving the licence back.

    1. It is a really frustrating situation for me, especially as the wait is 3 weeks at the moment. The advice I would give to you is to use your passport not a driving licence and to check your course completion form yourself to make sure it is complete!
      Best of luck with the skills test, I am sure you will be well prepared 🙂

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