PPL Lesson 1: Basic Handling


Yesterday I tried to get my PPL of to a good start but the weather and poor viability put an end to that. Today I woke up to clear blue skies and so I was very optimistic about managing to get PPL Lesson 1: Basic Handling.
As I suspected, we were able to fly so I spoke to my instructor Martin and found out we will be flying in Yankee Bravo today (pictured).
We ran through the A check which is the check you do if you are the first person to use the plane that day. After this we then went through the pre take off checks before my instructor radioed to the tower that we were ready to go.I did the pedal work to keep the plane on the yellow line and after a few more checks we were lined up on the runway ready to go.
We set of and hit a whopping 60 knots before the instructor rotated then it was over to me.
There was nothing to taxing done up here, we did a few turns and I learned how the trim worked (something I think will be very handy going forward).

Above the clouds c152
We went up above the clouds which was very cool. I was surprised that at only 4000ft we were already above the clouds.
I asked my instructor how we would know if other planes were in the cloud and he told me that they had to radio to the tower which makes perfect sense. He also had an app for traffic which helped you to know what was around you.
It felt like we wasn’t up there that long but it was already time to descend and come back into land. My instructor handled the landing as the visibility on the ground wasn’t excellent. No doubt I will be able to get some practice on take offs and landings on my upcoming lessons.
I must admit I felt a bit weird on the climb out but I quickly got over it and started to enjoy it .
Anyways I am booked up for next Sunday so weather permitting lesson two will take place then.

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