Preparing for the ATPL theory study

I have signed up for Bristol Ground Schools ATPL course so now I am preparing for the ATPL study.
I believe it is important to have an environment that is where you go to when you want to study. I am going to make a recommendation of how you should consider setting your environment up.
ATPL desk set up

  1. A Desk – Should go without saying really, you need somewhere to put all the stuff you will be using. I personally do not recommend working of a bed, or a chair or even on the floor. A desk won’t set you back much, I have had this one forever and it never cost much in the first place. It was definitely under £50.
  2. Laptop – I wouldn’t buy a desktop unless you have a specific need for it. In the corner of my room I have a desktop which is just for gaming. However for studying and basic day to day things I would choose the laptop simply because it is portable and you can take it with you when needed. Windows or Mac, it really doesn’t matter. Just get whatever you prefer.
    As an IT engineer I would say you should configure your laptop with the minimum of an i5 processor, 8gb ram and a 256gb SSD but of course that is just my opinion. I feel this gives you the best balance of power, performance and longevity. On most PC laptops you can swap out the ram & SSD if needed but in the mac I believe the ram is soldered and the SSD drive is non standard and expensive (Apple being Apple).
  3. Monitors – This may be the IT geek in me but with the cost of monitors these days buy two! I would say buy at least 22″ but I personally would get a minimum of 24″. With current prices both monitors will most likely set you back just over what a PPL lesson would.
    As you can see I actually have three monitors including the laptop. this means I can have the study material open on one, use the second to look things up and use the third to take notes.
  4. Monitor mount – Monitors take up far too much space when they are on the desk. Get a desk mounted monitor stand, take the stands off and mount them. Pretty much every monitor you can buy will have mounting points on the back. The mount I use set me back £20 on Amazon. The best part is that it allowed me to raise the screens so that the laptop will be under them. This means the laptop screen is usable as otherwise it would cover part of the monitors. On top of this I don’t need an additional keyboard or mouse as you can just use your laptop.
  5. Additional things – Get a surge protector to protect all your expensive equipment. I have a bluetooth speaker at the back but that’s a personal choice, your laptop will have speakers built in.

I feel that this is an environment that is ideal for learning, but of course it is a personal choice and you can set your environment up however you like.

You can buy all these things on Amazon


Now on to the study 🙂

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