Skills refresh

Skills refresh

So after passing the PPL skills test yesterday, I went back up the to the flying school today for a skills refresh. This will be a quick post as there isn’t really that much to say and it is just a way to closing out the PPL section of my training.
piper pa 28

There wasn’t much to do today we were just going to go over the stalls and forced landings. It was pretty hazy which meant the visibility was pretty poor, maybe just 3km. We took of on runway 03 and climbed to 3500ft. Once we got up here we went through the steep turns before doing all the stalls which are final, base configuration and the standard stall.
After this we did a few practice forced landings before heading back to the airfield for a high glide which again was perfectly fine. We then had to land as the visibility was getting worse and the ATC was closing the circuit.
That’s it, the PPL has come to an end and next week I should be able to send of for my licence and when I get that back I will be able to sign up to an ATPL distance learning course.

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