The End

Hi all, it has been quite a ride over the last 3 years or so but unfortunately, this is going to be the end, at least for now. To be honest I planned this to be something that I could look back on myself when my training was done. The fact that other people actually took their time to read it was an added bonus!
I would like to thank everyone who gave me encouragement or sent me an email over the time I have been adding my updates to this blog.
The good news is that I have been offered a role flying commercially but I am not going to be able to update this blog or discuss it. I plan to leave it up as I think it could still be helpful for people planning to train and one day I may be able to return to the blog, who knows what the future holds.
To the people in training, I hope you all achieve your own flying goals and to anybody thinking about doing flight training, I hope you find some help about the modular process.

Thinking of training via the modular route? Or started and still have questions? Then read The Essential Modular Flight Training Guide.

The essential flight training guide

29 thoughts on “The End”

  1. Hi mate,

    Just wanted to say all the best of luck to you! I’m only in the early days of my PPL but have read plenty from your website (And your guide too!) Wishing you all the best for the future and hopefully I’ll be up there with you in a few years too. – Dan

  2. Congratulations on your job offer..👍
    You deserve it.
    Your blog has been a great help and I cannot thank you enough.
    I certainly will be popping back to see how you are fairing on.
    All the very best

  3. yeah congrats.
    you could at least do some recap of your job hunting and what your job will be or?
    that’s kind of the most important part of the journey lol

  4. Congratulations.

    I hope it all goes well for you. Thank you for taking the time to put this blog together – I’ve been able to make really informed decisions because of your research. All the best mate

  5. Thank you for involving us on your journey and for all the information. I have loved reading your posts and wish you all the best in your aviation career. Always remember that you are the PIC and you make the final decision, don’t ever allow clients or colleagues to pressure you into situations that you are not comfortable with. Fly safe my friend.

  6. MANY congrats re the new role; all of your hard work is finally bearing fruit. I am ever so happy and PROUD of you…. All my very best wishes to you; the world is now well & truly your oyster😊 Donna xx😁

  7. This blog/guide is the best out there – so much detail about your personal experience which is great to read and also a good reference as I am planning my own training now! It’s great to hear that there is a happy ending to your story, it’s like a success story.

    • Thanks a lot James, I hope it has helped in someway to help you plan your training. Most importantly I wish you the best of luck in your training.

  8. Inspired reading your blog and I’m glad you have got a job offer.

    I could not see any daylight looking at integrated courses as financially I could not afford it or take the time off work to complete a course. You have inspired me to seriously consider going modular and 2020 is the year I hope to complete the first step and get my PPL.


    • Thanks a lot Saj. I don really think modular is a very valid way of qualifying at a fraction of the price that some integrated schools charge. Most importantly, modular students do get jobs. It’s nice to see the industry selecting modular students.
      Best of luck on the PPL and most importantly enjoy it!

  9. I’ve been reading your blog since the start and have thoroughly it. Thank you for spending your free time to update it. It has been far more informative than any PPRuNe thread.

    I wish you the best of luck in your new career. Our journey and careers have been similar. I’ve decided to stick with the paraglider and dev work. When I get compile errors, I’ll look up and grin sir. All the best!

    • Congratulations on achieving your goal it’s been really inspiring reading you start from the bottom and work your way to a right hand seat. I’m approaching my 30th and I just went back to read your first flight and seen you were 30 when you started. That has given me a lot of hope for something I’ve put off for years due to the finance. I just wanted to say thank you for putting yourself out there with an honest opinion on the ups and downs that come with it. Hope to see you up there one day.

      • Thanks a lot Marc, I am glad you found it helpful. I have met people older than myself who have been successful so there is defo still time! Best of luck.

  10. Congratulations, great to hear you’ve got a flying job! I started reading your blog 18 months ago when I was half way through my PPL and it convinced me that I too could go down the Modular Path whilst working to pay for it, I’m now nearly done with hour building and just a few exams to go. I would never have considered going down this path had I not stumbled across it, so thank you and well done. Hope you’re able to share your professinal flying with us in the future.

    • Congrats Nick you are well on your way! Keep grinding it out and you will be done before you know it.
      I really hope at some point in the future I am able to return to this blog.

  11. Great website, and fantastic news regarding the job offer. I’m currently employed and saving money and will be in a position to start my training in around 12 months depending on this virus situation! It’s great to see someone a similar age to me (I’m 30 now) completing modular training and then getting a job, as I’m in the same boat as many – the integrated route isn’t financially viable.


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