Where to do my MCC / JOC?

Where to do my MCC / JOC?

So the next big question is where to do my MCC / JOC?
Brighton en route to Lydd
The first big choice I had to make was, should I do an MCC (Multi Crew Co-Operation)  / JOC (Jet Orientation Course) or should I do an APS (Airline Pilot Standard) course?
The main difference between these courses was
1. The price.
2. The hours in the sim
The APS is a new standard that gives you more time in the sim and more airline focused training.
With more sim time comes additional cost, with APS course costing anywhere from £5500 to £9000.
Standard MCC courses seem to start from as little as £2000.
I had to think to myself, what is an MCC course? An MCC course is defined as by EASA as a non-technical course. So as this is a non-technical course do I need to do it on the latest and greatest simulator available? It would be nice of course, but is it essential? I think the answer has to be no.
So then I asked myself, do I need to pay half of what I paid for the entire CPL ME IR for a non-technical course? Once again, it was hard to justify doing so.
From what I could see from looking at the time, there is just one airline stating a preference for APS courses. In fact, quite a few airlines will put you through their own MCC should you gain employment with them. This is the case if you do a standard MCC or an APS course.
I then asked my friends who are airline pilots what do they think I should do, they all told me that I should do a standard MCC course.
So for these reasons I then decided I will go with the standard MCC courses. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure the APS MCC courses are great and more training can only be a good thing. However, for now, the airlines are not really demanding you complete one.
While I was prepared to go abroad if needed, my preference was to stay in the UK.
So I started looking to see what courses are available. I have two friends who not too long ago went through a course and rated it very highly, so I decided to start my search there. This company was called CRM Aviation Europe.

So why CRM Aviation Europe?
1. The course was very well priced, at just £2695.
2. While the sim is a “generic sim” it actually looks pretty good.
3. It is not too far from where I live, which makes commuting an option, at least for the simulator details anyways.
4. Great reviews, the people I know who have gone have all had good things to say.
5. Helpful staff. I have been messaging them since before I started my CPL ME IR and they were always helpful and prompt in their responses.
6. A good record of student getting jobs.
7. Very experienced instructors, which is essential at this stage.

I cannot actually do my MCC before February so I have booked the course for then.


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