Share for sale – Cessna 150 – Bedfordshire

I have a share for sale in a Cessna 150 located in Bedfordshire. I thought I would put this on this blog in case anyone is interested in a share in a well-maintained C150 with good low-cost flying rates.
The aircraft is based on a grass airfield and is stored in a hanger.


About the aircraft

Cessna 150
Trig 8.33 Radio
Trig Transponder
Recent engine rebuild


Share cost – £1250
Admin fee – £250
Monthly Fee – £50
Hourly rate (Tacho) – £65 Per Hour
Home landing fee – £7


If you are interested, send me a message on here and I will get back to you.

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4 thoughts on “Share for sale – Cessna 150 – Bedfordshire”

  1. Hello, do you have a contact email for the Henlow Flying GROUP that owns C150 G-ASYP please. I can see that they may have some shares for sale (Sept 2021) but there are no contact details I can find anywhere. I know they moved from RAF Henlow to Old Warden after Henlow closed their airfield. I was a member at Henlow. Thanks, Mus

  2. Hi, same as above. I’m an SVAS member at Old Warden, and would be interested in getting in touch with the group to buy a share, (website shows 2 available shares) but the contact details appear to be invalid. Would you be able to pass on a different email address for one of the current members?




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