PPL Lesson 39: Profiles

PPL Lesson 39: Profiles

Today I went up the airfield and had PPL Lesson 39: Profiles. I am not sure why they are called profiles as it was really just a mock of the navigation part of the test. I was with another new instructor today as my regular one does not work Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I have seen her around the school and spoken to her before and like all the other instructors she was great.
G-BMVB 030516
My flight today took me from Cranfield to the Visual Reference Point that is Woburn Town. We then headed west towards Saffron Walden. En route I changed to Oxford Approach as we was going to be near their airspace and it is always best to talk to them. We then headed north but I knew that we would never reach our destination as I would be diverted like you will be on a test.
The wind was forecast to be 280/20 but I think it was a lot less, we had to use the closing drift angle twice to correct for this.
Around 10 minutes in I was asked to divert to Olney, so I got out my wind protractor and plotted a route to Olney which was basically due east. The timings were spot on and reach Olney exactly when I said we would. From here it was just a case of speaking to Cranfield, reporting that I was at Olney and negotiating my join back to airfield.
I am up to 44.3 hours now so after tomorrows lesson I will be able to be put forward for test, it all seems to be coming around very fast now! I am next with my main instructor on Thursday so we will see what he has to say.
Tomorrow we will be doing general handling as a brush up.
Also I learned that a further instructor also has gotten a new job, so if you are a instructor looking for a job, you might want to fire a CV of to Cranfield 🙂

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