Suspending the class 1 medical

So, I have recently had experience with suspending the class 1 medical.

As well as going through the ATPL theory hell over the last 2 years, I have also been going through orthodontic work that cumulated in jaw surgery this past Wednesday.  This is about as much fun as it sounds and obviously, during this time you cannot fly (and the fact I am in a world of pain).
It was actually really straightforward, I had talked to my AME at my class 1 renewal and all I had to do was send him an email the day before my surgery and he suspended me on the system.
To reinstate the class 1 he will just require a surgeon’s report. I spoke to the surgeon and he said that this should not be an issue.
Could something involving the UK CAA really be this simple? Time will tell.
Some that is not simple however is getting the UK CAA to issue your CPL ME IR. 6 weeks and counting, no license.  I am also certain they shut down over Christmas till the new year too which will only add further delays.
When you call them you get the latest date that seems to be made on nothing more than a random guess. Joy.

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2 thoughts on “Suspending the class 1 medical”

  1. Hey mate hope you will be flying soon

    Have you thought about converting your licence from Caa to an European one??like iaa
    I’m doing my modular atpl exams with l3 and they are suggesting to convert them before brexit
    From what I’ve understood if we don’t convert our caa licences before brexit we can’t work for an eu airlines in case of a hard Brexit and if we decide to convert the license from UK to eu we have to do all the 14 exams again but if we want to chance from eu to caa we just have to pay a fees

    • I have put a lot of thought into this and it is actually the endless licence transfers in and out of the UK CAA that is clogging the system up at the moment. As far as I am concerned I have passed EASA exams and tests. If the UK is no longer a part of EASA then so be it but EASA has to allow me to hold my EASA licence somewhere. I do not think they can just go one day ok that doesn’t exist anymore, they have to give me an opportunity to move the licence I have elsewhere. So, for now, I am just sitting tight and seeing what happens.


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