Quick update

Brighton en route to Lydd

Hi all, I am humbled by the number of messages I have received asking how I am and what is happening. I know this blog has been quiet (ok dead) for the last few months but the please rest assured that I have more updates to come and news that I hope to be able … Read more

Post training update

c150 local

It’s been a while and a few of you have messaged to see what the latest is, so I thought I would give a quick post training update. No good news to report yet, unfortunately, the hunt still continues. To be honest, there probably won’t be many updates until there is a development of some … Read more

MCC/JOC at CRM Aviation Europe

CRM Aviation Simulator

So for the last two weeks, I have been on my MCC/JOC at CRM Aviation Europe down at White Waltham airfield. I must admit I have very much enjoyed the course, even more so as I have been waiting so long for it. The instructors are a mixture of British Midland, British Airways and Virgin … Read more

My first flight since my CPL ME IR

c150 local

So after returning from Poland, I had my first flight since my CPL ME IR. For many reasons I have not been able to get in the air since. First the weather was not playing ball, then I had to have surgery which meant that my medical was suspended. However, after finally getting it back … Read more

I finally have my licence

I have not actually made a post for a while, because there hasn’t been anything to post about. However, after the best part of 2 and a half months, I finally have my licence! I applied at the start of November for my licence but the CAA have been taken absolutely ages to send them. … Read more

Suspending the class 1 medical

So, I have recently had experience with suspending the class 1 medical. As well as going through the ATPL theory hell over the last 2 years, I have also been going through orthodontic work that cumulated in jaw surgery this past Wednesday.  This is about as much fun as it sounds and obviously, during this … Read more

Quick update


So since I finished my training I thought I would give a quick update. To be honest, there is not really a whole lot to say. The UK CAA is being the UK CAA. I have applied for my licence on the 5th November and they have not even looked at it. I called them … Read more

Where to do my MCC / JOC?

Brighton en route to Lydd

So the next big question is where to do my MCC / JOC? The first big choice I had to make was, should I do an MCC (Multi Crew Co-Operation)  / JOC (Jet Orientation Course) or should I do an APS (Airline Pilot Standard) course? The main difference between these courses was 1. The price. … Read more