Dr Eric Thomas – You owe you

Sometimes you come across some speech that is so powerful and resonates with you so deeply that you can only sit back, listen and take in what that person has to say. For me one of my favorite videos when I need some extra motivation is Dr Eric Thomas – You owe you. Dr Eric … Read more

The best watch for a student pilot

If you search Instagram for pictures of pilots you will see them flashing fancy watches, this is all well and good when you have passed, but these watches are not so great for a student pilot. In this post we will help you to find the best watch for a student pilot.   As a … Read more

Why every pilot needs an iPad

ipad mini

  In this post I am going to explain why every pilot needs an iPad. I am writing this article as someone who believes the Android operating system is more powerful and in my opinion the better operating system. So why am I recommending that you buy an iPad? Simple, I believe in buying the … Read more

The weather means no flying

Once again the weather means no flying. The clouds are low, the visibility is bad and the winds are gusting up to 40 Kts. I can’t work out what is more annoying, the fact that the weather is so bad or the fact that the media keeps giving these ‘storms’ names which seems to be … Read more

No flying due to airport closure

The skies are blue, the visibility is great, I have the day off, so of course there is no flying due to airport closure. I must admit since I have started to learning I realise that not being able to fly is way more frustrating as a pilot then it ever was as a passenger. … Read more

Jet2 Pilot Apprentice

The Jet2 pilot apprentice is a great scheme for all newly qualified pilots looking for a job with a major UK airline based at Leeds Bradford international airport. This scheme differs from some of the others because it is open to qualified pilots rather than pilots with limited hours under their belt. What is cool … Read more

Pilots, what’s in your flight bag?

This is a question that will vary from pilot to pilot and the further we progress I’m sure it will change. I thought it would be cool to have a post where I share what I carry in my flight bag and other pilots can chip in with what they have in theirs. So Pilots, … Read more

Flying the route on Google Earth

cranfield airport google earth

We are quite lucky these days with all the tools we have available to us as pilots. A great thing I was taught by my instructor was about flying the route on Google Earth, which I feel is a valuable addition to the flight planning stage. Google Earth has satellite imagining which means that you … Read more

Cabair administration


As a trainee pilot I have heard about a company called Cabair multiple times. So naturally I was curious as to what happened to this big integrated training school (they also offered modular courses) and did a bit of digging into the Cabair administration. This sign is actually still attached to the building of my … Read more